Our areas of expertise

Qualitech Services in Plastics Technology

In the field of plastics, we support our customers with a wide range of services. This ranges from quality assurance of existing products to clarification of damage cases and product-related advice.

Your contact person for all questions concerning plastics

Our specialists in the field of polymers will help you in questions of analysis and quality assurance of existing products as well as in the clarification of claims up to product-accompanying consulting for new developments. Thanks to a multitude of investigation options and cross-departmental test methods, you receive comprehensive and meaningful results – all from a single source.

Fields of application

  • Polymer identification
  • Composition of polymer blends, compounds and recyclates
  • Macro- and microstructures of plastics
  • Comparison tests thermal ageing
  • Qualitative oil analyses
  • Damage analysis
  • Preparation of expert opinions
  • Quality assurance

Mechanical technological testing (MTP)

Do you want to be sure that the materials you use meet the requirements for the corresponding application? The tensile test is a standardized method of destructive material testing (MTP) to determine the yield strength, tensile strength and elongation at break.

Dynamic testing of plastics

Experimental tests lead to a better understanding of the mechanical issues and reduce development costs. The findings from dynamic mechanical tests of test objects, components and entire assemblies flow into the development and further development of systems or contribute to the processing of damage cases.

Problem solving through dynamic mechanical testing

  • Experimental analysis of materials, including elastomers, polymers and composites
  • Strength verification under alternating load, tensile swelling, compressive swelling, any load collective
  • Damage analysis combined with specific tests of materials and components
  • Statistical evaluation according to ASTM-STP731, ISO3800-1993, Hück/IABG

Industrial computed tomography (iCT) – also an important test method for plastics

With the volume data of a CT examination, a 3D representation of the existing porosity in the plastic component can be obtained within a short time. This can then be evaluated with regard to various aspects, such as total porosity, pore volume (in the entire part or in partial areas), pore size or number of pores and marked in color in the generated 3D volume. Delamination or cracks can also be evaluated and displayed graphically.