Our areas of expertise

Computed Radiography (CR)

Eurofins Qualitech has the necessary infrastructure and personnel to meet the growing demand for digital X-ray inspection (Computed Radiography CR). With this technology, we are able to test large quantities in a short time, even on insulated welding seams, thanks to shorter exposure times. A quick on-site assessment enables an attractive price for the customer.

Computed Radiographie (CR)

The difference to conventional radiographic testing is that an imaging plate is exposed instead of the traditional X-ray film. This results in a digital image after scanning. Digital technology eliminates high film costs and greatly reduces the number of exposures that cannot be used due to incorrect exposure times. Computer radiography is attractively priced, allows immediate evaluation and minimizes production losses due to waiting times. Qualitech has several emergency vehicles at different locations with which orders can be completed at short notice.

Advantages compared to conventional radiographic testing (RT)

  • Digital storage of data replaces voluminous film archiving
  • Immediate evaluation possibility
  • Measuring tools for direct error size determination
  • Threshold value for corrosion measurements
  • Cost saving
  • Time saving due to short exposure times and operational interruptions
  • Elimination of film costs and development chemistry
  • Reduced environmental impact

Weld seam inspections

The values obtained with the imaging plate system meet the requirements of the EN ISO 17636-2 test standard. A major advantage of digital systems is the high dynamics (high number of grey values) of digital detectors. This allows a larger wall thickness range to be imaged and false exposures hardly occur or do not occur at all. In addition, the images can be viewed on the computer, digitally magnified and displays or wall thicknesses can be measured directly in the image.

Corrosion and wall thickness measurements

Computer radiography enables the testing of pipelines for corrosion/erosion up to DN200, even in an isolated condition. The grey value difference measurable in the digital image can be used to determine not only the external visible wall thickness but also the residual wall thickness (measuring accuracy +/- 0.3 mm).

Application example district heating and waste incineration plants (MWIP)

The laying of district heating pipes is subject to great time pressure – i.e. construction and operational interruptions must be kept as low as possible. The welding of the pipes is checked by random sampling or up to 100% X-ray technology. Computer radiography enables immediate evaluation on site. Qualitech also carries out the non-destructive dye penetrant testing (PT) on site.