Our areas of expertise

Personal certification

Welding, operator and soldering tests

Qualified for the examination

We are accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 17024 (SCESe 109) and certify welders, operators and solderers according to the following regulations: EN ISO 9606, EN ISO 14732, in addition to which we are a recognised test centre according to Art. 24 of Directive 2014/68/EU, and EN 15085-2. The tests can also be carried out in accordance with AD 2000 HP3 or ASME Sec. IX on request.

We are qualified to accept welders, operators and solderers of the following processes:

  • 111 (E)
  • 141 (TIG)
  • 142 (WIG without additional material)
  • 131 (MIG)
  • 135/136/138 (MAG)
  • 311 (G)
  • 114 (without inert gas)
  • soldering
  • other procedures on request

Validity period Welding test

The welding examination has a validity of 2 or 3 years if the employer or the responsible welding supervisor confirms in writing every 6 months that:

  • the welder welds regularly (maximum interruption 6 months)
  • the welder welds within the scope of his welder examination
  • the ability of the welder is not doubted


An extension of the validity period by a further 2 years is only possible if the testing laboratory has corresponding test reports on the quality of the welds carried out by the welder, e.g. documents on radiographic, ultrasonic or fracture tests.


We understand the importance of impartiality in the conduct of our certification activities, define how to manage conflicts of interest and ensure the objectivity of our certification activities.

Objections or complaints

In case of appeals or complaints please use this form. Disadvantages of the opponent are excluded.