Our areas of expertise

Water analysis and consulting

In order to protect the operation of the plants from damage caused by corrosion, deposits or bacteria (e.g. biocorrosion or Legionella), we carry out preventive water analyses.

Neutral water quality analysis

Its good heat capacity, environmental friendliness and easy availability make water the ideal medium for heating and cooling systems, cooling towers, air conditioning systems and various other water-bearing systems. As a neutral and independent company, we analyse the water quality according to the standard “SWKI BT102-01, Water quality for building services systems”.

One of our strengths is our advice on water quality issues. We do not only provide analysis data, but also support our customers in case of problems or for prevention in topics such as fouling, biofouling and corrosion. Depending on the type and scope of the tests carried out or the required test duration, the delivery time is usually 2-3 working days to a maximum of 2 weeks.

Our analysis methods and services:

Other parameters and services can be clarified on request. In special cases it is possible that we develop or implement a method especially for the customer.

  • Determination of conductivity, pH-value, p-value and m-value
  • Determination of water hardness
  • Photometric detection of various dissolved ions
  • Analysis of chemical oxygen demand (COD value) or total organic carbon content (TOC value)
  • Determination of the quantity of undissolved substances in the ppm range
  • Verification of the microbiological load and detection of Legionella
  • Investigation of solid residues and corrosion products, e.g. corrosion damage in water-carrying systems (in cooperation with our corrosion team)
  • Advice on questions of water quality and recommendation of suitable measures against fouling, biofouling and corrosion
  • Training courses or lectures on the subject of water quality in water-bearing systems
  • Preparation of independent expert opinions (e.g. for warranty claims)