Our areas of expertise

Gear rim testing

Eurofins Qualitech AG develops eddy current probes - individually tailored to the customer and application-related.

Feeling the tooth

Large areas can be inspected within a relatively short time using eddy current (ET) methods. This allows us, for example, to completely inspect gear rims for the cement industry with diameters of several metres within a single day, both the tooth flank and the tooth base. The eddy current method benefits from the fact that it is insensitive to grease layers. This means that the gear rims do not have to be degreased or cleaned for the inspection. This results in considerable time savings compared to testing with magnetic particles or dye penetrant testing. In addition, the operational interruptions of your systems are minimized.

If the array eddy current probes are coupled with a displacement sensor, a two-dimensional surface scan is created for each tooth, which is evaluated and stored. With periodic maintenance, the wear progress (material breakouts and crack formation) is recorded and thus permits targeted Condition Based Maintenance (CBM).