Our areas of expertise

Eurofins Qualitech services in transport technology

Our services, controls and testing procedures make an active contribution to the safe performance of transports by rail, road, water and air. We provide security with regard to enclosures (packaging) for the transport, including technology for transport and storage operations.

Smooth transport with Eurofins Qualitech

Whether cargo trains, trucks, cargo ships or transport planes: the demand for safe logistics and the regulations for transport companies are constantly increasing. At the same time, more and more goods (including dangerous goods) are being transported. Due to falling prices and competition, accurate budgeting and smooth, efficient processes are essential. Qualitech supports you with various efficient and precise test procedures to achieve the safety requirements for your company.

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

  • We have the necessary NDT procedures and the certified examiners who carry out these examinations professionally for you.
  • We guarantee no or short interruptions to operations thanks to short transport routes to our various locations in your vicinity.
  • Avoidance of consequential damage and infringements of regulations
  • Certainty about the state of the infrastructure and means of transport
  • Determination of the remaining service life

The right choice of materials as a basis for quality

A team of proven material specialists will support you in selecting the right material. Thanks to our extensive experience, critical positions and shapes can be determined during the design phase using materials and/or welding techniques. A variety of test methods are available for testing the material properties and dynamic strength of components and parts. Under various temperature conditions, we test the strength of a material using tensile and impact tests. In our laboratories, the structure of the material is analysed metallographically for structure, grain size and distribution. Further important information is provided by hardness measurement and hardness gradients in layers and through surface-treated areas.

Avoid damage

Damage is often caused by design or manufacturing faults or unexpected operating conditions (start-up, standstill phases, etc.). Due to the complex interaction of chemical, mechanical and thermal influences, an assessment of the damage process is often only possible through an in-depth damage analysis. Damage cases, which often pose a threat to the environment or even human life, can largely be avoided by applying current knowledge. In the unlikely event of a damage, we have a team of 20 experienced specialists from various fields and the technical means to determine the cause and avoid future incidents.