Our areas of expertise

Ambulant Metallography

Our team of experienced metallographers is also at your disposal for your systems with mobile equipment.

Microstructure assessment on site

If the size of a component prevents an examination in the laboratory or if a machine component is only briefly available for evaluation during a revision, fracture surfaces and microstructures can be replicated using impression techniques for subsequent evaluation in our laboratories. The analysis of these replicas makes it possible, among other things, to make statements about the type of fracture, structure, structural changes and creep damage.
Ambulante Metallografie im Gang am Rotor einer stationären Gasturbine Ambulant metallography of the rotor of a stationary gas turbine
Abdruckentnahme von der Bruchfläche eines beschädigten Zahnkranzes Gamma precipitates on an extraction imprint of a Ni-based alloy (SEM)
Ambulant_Bild6Kohlenstoff bedampfter Gefügeabdruck einer Ni-basis Legierung (Lichtmikroskopie) Carbon vaporized microstructural impression of a Ni-based alloy (light microscopy)