Our areas of expertise

Quality assurance in mechanical engineering and steel construction

Eurofins Qualitech has a team of experienced technical experts with all the necessary testing procedures to carry out the necessary tests from a single source.

Inspections according to ITP

Based on technical specifications and test plans for pavers and construction sites, we carry out quality inspections including reporting and tracking of open points and findings. We offer inspections during the inspection and final acceptance of welded structures, various steel construction components, pipelines and pressure vessels.

In addition to the following non-destructive material testing (NDT) test procedures, we are also able to examine structural components (metallography) or corrosion-related:

  • Visual inspection(VT)
  • Magnetic particle testing (MT)
  • Dye penetrant testing (PT)
  • X-ray inspection (RT)
  • Ultrasonic testing (UT)

Our services:

  • Inspections and production monitoring
  • Final inspection of your products
  • External welding supervision and welding monitoring
  • material tests
  • Preparation and control of the final documentation