Our areas of expertise

Failure Analysis

Damage is often caused by design or manufacturing faults or unexpected operating conditions (start-up, standstill phases, etc.). Due to the complex interaction of chemical, mechanical and thermal influences, an assessment of the damage process is often only possible through an in-depth damage analysis.

Investigate and avoid claims

Price pressure and cost reduction, fierce competition and the globalization of production place ever higher demands on components and materials. This entails considerable risks. Damage incidents occur more frequently and cause not only direct costs by replacing the failed components, but often also very high consequential costs due to business interruptions and claims for damages.

Our team of around 20 experienced specialists from various fields helps you to avoid damage by getting to the bottom of the causes of material problems and damage cases. Depending on the type and significance of the damage, an adapted investigation program is defined, usually together with the customer. Thanks to our comprehensive range of instruments, we are in a position to carry out all stages of the investigation, including complex micro-area analyses, in our laboratories. For large damaged parts, information can also be obtained on site and non-destructively, e.g. by plastic impressions or crack tests.