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Wire rope testing

Eurofins Qualitech testing equipment allows the testing of wire ropes for all types for wire breaks (internal and external), corrosion and deformations.

Continuously tested

The electro-magnetic wire rope testing procedure is intended to examine wire ropes for inner imperfections (damage). Loads are distributed across individual wires. As a rule, wire ropes are operationally reliable even if several wires are broken. However, only the external wires can be examined by means of visual inspection. Internal wires are inaccessible during visual inspection (VT). It is therefore necessary to metrologically examine both internal and external condition of wire ropes, for either technical safety or functional reasons.

The magnetic rope testing (MRT) method has been implemented due to its practical advantages and reliability. Ropes are magnetized using current leading coils to detect wire breaks and to make qualitative statements about corrosion and wear. Contemporary rope testing equipment uses permanent magnets to magnetize ropes.