Our areas of expertise

Qualitech services in energy production

Whether wind farms, solar plants, nuclear power plants or hydroelectric power plants: The Eurofins Qualitech test centre supports operators of power plants during the maintenance phases or during operation with state-of-the-art technologies for quality monitoring. Eurofins Qualitech thus makes a major contribution to reducing testing times in energy power plants and ensures the durability and quality of the plants. Our technologies are often used to inspect weld seams and residual wall thicknesses on turbines, pipelines, condenser tubes, pumps, boilers, vessels, heat exchangers, valves and pressure vessels.

Efficient weld seam testing

For non-destructive material testing on pressure vessels, steel walls and large-diameter pipes, only mechanized ultrasonic methods (simultaneously phased array and toFD) are used due to the difficult access to the test object. This procedure is carried out with equipment developed by Qualitech which represents a very efficient form of ultrasonic testing. In addition to the technical possibilities, this technology has the great advantage of faster inspection times and means cost savings for the customer.

Outpatient metallography on site

Whenever it comes to testing metallographic examinations of machine components during a short-term inspection phase, we are there for you: a team of metallographers with portable equipment is at your side and takes samples of fracture surfaces and microstructures using impression technology, which are then examined in our laboratories. The analysis of these replicas makes it possible to make statements about the type of fracture, structure, structural changes and creep damage.

Optimization of welding processes

Our team of inspection and approval engineers supports energy production customers with welding supervision personnel and our own welding engineering. These services give you the security you need to significantly reduce errors, increase the quality level of welding work and prevent follow-up costs. Our welding engineering offers solutions for welding tasks as well as planning and supervision of welding procedure inspections, welding work and welding repairs, project management for complete components and consulting during the development and construction phase.