Our areas of expertise

Qualitech services in the field of planning and engineering

Thanks to Qualitech's wide range of planning and engineering services, we offer a unique range of support options. Our services begin in the design phase and extend far beyond the entire lifecycle of components, elements and entire construction projects. Our services help to reduce costs, increase service life and prevent damage.

Welding-compatible design

Whether it is the creation of isometric drawings or the planning of complex geometries, Qualitech has the appropriate technical experts who have the know-how to recognize production-critical conditions. These can be critical positions of welding seams that are difficult to access and therefore have to be assessed as critical in order to achieve quality or cause immense costs due to the great effort involved. Through the timely inclusion of our welding engineering, some projects can be realized much more efficiently and qualitatively better.

Using materials correctly

With the choice of the right material, treatment and coating, possible late effects can be ruled out right from the start. Making the right decisions also means reducing costs, increasing service life and avoiding damage caused by corrosion or increased wear. Qualitech offers comprehensive support on these issues – all from a single source. We make an important contribution to ensuring that your projects can be realised without later costly guarantees.

Avoid damage to health

Especially in the area of building maintenance, we recommend a periodic check of the water quality. We have the ability to deliver results in a short time and, where necessary, work with our customers to find solutions to corrosion problems. To avoid damage to health, we offer asbestos analysis, where we evaluate the samples at our in-house scanning electron microscope.