Our areas of expertise


Metallography is an important part of metallurgy and is used for the clarification of claims as well as in research and development.

Correctly evaluated

In metallography, macroscopic and microscopic specimens are prepared by grinding, polishing and etching so that they can then be viewed under the light microscope. In order to be able to make meaningful quantitative and qualitative assessments of the microstructure, sound knowledge and experience in sample preparation are required. Eurofins Qualitech has the necessary specialists who are in a position to correctly use and interpret the multitude of examination possibilities. Our metallographers are at your disposal for quality assurance, production problems and damage analyses.

Metallography services

  • Assessment of macro- and microstructure, determination of the microstructure quantity fractions
  • Preparation of thin layers and very small components for grinding
  • Incident and transmitted light microscopy
  • manufacturing controls
  • Inspection of welded joints
  • Evaluation of heat treatments
  • Execution of special etchings
  • All common hardness tests, hardness profiles, micro-hardness
  • Outpatient metallography with various microstructural impression techniques (so-called replica)
  • Advice on questions of material optimization
  • Characterization of materials and coatings
  • Residual service life analysis on high-temperature materials