Our areas of expertise

Corrosion, corrosion protection and consultation

Corrosion costs money - in Switzerland alone, around 10 billion Swiss francs are spent every year on repairing corrosion damage. Corrosion damage, which often poses a threat to the environment or even human life, can largely be avoided by applying current knowledge.

Avoid corrosion damage

Our corrosion specialists possess a wide range of specialist knowledge with many years of industrial experience. Our core competencies include advice on material selection, the selection of protective coatings or alternative corrosion protection measures, the performance of corrosion tests, quality monitoring through application-oriented tests as well as ageing studies and corrosion risk assessment.

Corrosion investigations are frequently used in damage analysis:

  • Clarification of corrosion-related claims
  • Preparation of independent expert opinions (e.g. for warranty claims)
  • Recommendations for damage avoidance through material selection, protective coatings, constructive measures, etc.

We use the following test methods: Storage tests even at elevated temperatures and pressures, numerous standardised tests such as salt spray test, condensation water test, ostrich test.

Our specialities:

  • Clarification of microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC)
  • Development of test apparatuses for the simulation of special operating conditions
  • Training and method development for specific customer requirements
  • Thermography on coated parts or on equipment for the detection of internal corrosion points in pipes, local layer adhesion etc.

Our services:

  • Advice on the choice of materials
  • Selection of protective coatings and use of other corrosion protection measures
  • Carrying out corrosion investigations and tests
  • Quality monitoring through application-oriented tests
  • Ageing studies and estimation of corrosion risk
  • Damage analysis