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Qualitech services in the field of additive manufacturing

With the increasing use of additive manufacturing (generative manufacturing processes) in the production process, greater importance is being attached to the subject of quality assurance. Due to the production of lightweight structures, where conventional methods fail, the need for testing methods also increases inside components. Qualitech is able to offer these services from a single source in all areas of additive manufacturing such as the production of models, samples, prototypes, tools and end products.

Industrial Computed Tomography

In the development of products and in the quality assurance process in the field of additive manufacturing, industrial computed tomography provides fast and precise evaluations. The dimensions of this modern device allow even large components to be analyzed and allow precise measurements to be made, even inside complex geometries in additive manufacturing. A generated 3D volume model provides comprehensive data and visualizes the results in a spatial representation:

  • target-performance comparisons
  • Wall thickness
  • Porosities
  • Other defects

Mechanical-technological testing

In order to check the material properties and the dynamic strength of components and parts, as required in the field of additive manufacturing processes, we can choose from a large number of different test methods and thus offer the appropriate solution. We test the mechanical properties of the material under various temperature conditions on standardized specimens or directly on the component. The toughness, tensile strength and elongation at break of the material are determined in tensile and notched bar impact tests and the hardness is determined on hardness measuring instruments.

Materials analytics

The composition, homogeneity and purity of the powder as raw material is decisive for the quality of the finished component. In our laboratories, we are able to examine the chemical composition of materials produced in additive manufacturing processes using suitable testing methods such as X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF), scanning electron microscopy (EDX analysis) or microprobes (EPMA/WDX). The material structure for determining grain size and distribution is assessed metallographically by means of microsections.

Non-destructive test methods (NDT)

Qualitech has all relevant NDT methods at its disposal to examine samples and components on the surface and inside. Most NDT tests can be carried out at the four Swiss locations Mägenwil, Winterthur, Altenrhein and Brügg or directly at your company, which leads to short transport distances and fast throughput times. These sites all have X-ray bunkers, which means that in the event of an RT inspection, there is no interruption to operations and less personnel is required.

3D metrology

We offer very high accuracy of the measured values by means of tactile 3D metrology as a standard method for the measurement of components. Such systems provide a very high accuracy and allow conclusions to be drawn about the precision of the production process. Our measuring laboratories in Winterthur and Birr are accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025, which obliges Qualitech to measure itself against international standards. A tested machine park forms the basis for our unique level of quality.

Quality Assurance in Additive Manufacturing – 3D printing needs adapted QS
(06.12.2018, Die Schweizer Industriezeitschrift)