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Eurofins Qualitech since 1980

Eurofins Qualitech AG has established itself as an internationally connected company that collaborates closely with Eurofins laboratories worldwide. This global network empowers us to lead in finding solutions and provide our customers with top-notch services. With access to a wide range of resources and expertise within the Eurofins network, we are capable of tackling complex challenges across various industries. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is reflected in our international presence, enabling us to deliver global solutions for local needs. We take pride in being a part of this worldwide network and supporting our customers in achieving their goals.
The sole proprietorship R. Wildberger was founded in 1980 and was converted into Qualitech AG 9 years later. The headquarters was gradually expanded to include the Altenrhein and Düdingen branches (now in Brügg). With growing experience, we created a know-how that made the company one of the leading companies in the industry. In 2002 Qualitech took over a competitor, RTD Switzerland with 7 employees. As a result, the company continued to grow and moved to its new headquarters in Mägenwil in 2006. On October 1, 2013, several Sulzer Innotec departments were taken over, which, with around 60 employees in Winterthur, complements and expands the wide range of Qualitech services. With over 100 employees, Qualitech is the largest independent company of its kind in Switzerland. A further milestone was the introduction of industrial computed tomography with a specially constructed building extension and two additional X-ray bunkers.

The product

The company founder Rolf Wildberger, at that time working as a welding engineer for various Swiss companies, saw material testing and consulting as an opportunity to found his own company. Over the years, the range has been steadily expanded. Our services include non-destructive and destructive testing, inspections and acceptance tests of industrial plants and components at home and abroad, technical consulting, damage and material analysis, computer tomography, structural mechanics, measurement and calibration, training courses (NDT, damage analysis, corrosion and isometry), welder tests and certifications as well as welding engineering.

The market

The construction of our own X-ray bunkers was a major innovative step. This makes it possible to process customer orders on our own premises and thus be independent of test locations, test conditions and radiation protection requirements. The possession of several cobalt sources, whose high energy allows the radiation of even thick-walled test pieces, creates many possibilities for us.

Not only good ideas and investments, but also central locations are important for the success of our company. Mägenwil, our headquarters are located near the production facilities of various large and medium-sized companies in the industrially strong Swiss Mittelland. In recent years, the Altenrhein, Brügg and new Winterthur and Birr branches have also been added. A market advantage is the competent, flexible and fast completion of orders in our own premises (test centre with bunker facilities) or on site at the customer’s premises with laboratory vehicles.

The employees

Our great potential lies with our employees. Since the company was founded, great importance has been attached to internal and external further training, thus continuously increasing the competence of our customers. Modern employment conditions and the promotion of good cooperation enable each individual to identify with his or her workplace. In the past few years, we have created framework conditions that allow us to continue to play a leading role in “our market niche” in the future and to guarantee economic success.


2023 Qualitech AG changes its name to Eurofins Qualitech AG
2022 Integration of Qualitech AG into the international laboratory group Eurofins Scientific SE.
2022 Extension of accreditation: EN 9100:2018. We are now certified for the scope of materials testing & consulting and thus meet the requirements for organizations of aerospace defense
2020 Anniversary – 40 years Qualitech AG
2019 Introduction of proficiency tests / interlaboratory comparisons
2017 Introduction of Computed Radiography
2016 Introduction of industrial computed tomography and associated extension of the building in Mägenwil with two new X-ray bunkers. The Welding Solutions division in Winterthur undergoes a management buy-out (MBO).
2013 Qualitech AG acquires large parts of Sulzer Innotec and creates a strategically important new location for technical diagnostics and materials testing in Winterthur.
2012 Extension of accreditations:ISO/IEC 17025 to include OES/PMI / ISO/IEC 17024 to include rope end fasteners
2012 Notification as notified body in Europe for pressure vessels CE2395
2011 Accreditation according to ISO/IEC 17020 for acceptance and inspection of pressure vessels and parts for the nuclear industry
2009 Accreditation by the SAS according to ISO/IEC 17024 in the field of welder tests Development of the destructive testing field
2008 Construction of a bunker in Biel. Relocation of the Düdingen branch to Biel.
2007 Extension of the scope of accreditation ISO/IEC 1725 in the field of rope testing
2006 Relocation from Schinznach-Dorf to Mägenwil
2005 Ground-breaking ceremony for the new building with bunker systems in Mägenwil
2004 Accreditation as testing laboratory by SAS according to ISO/IEC 17025 (18.03.04)
2002 Acquisition of the RTD Switzerland division with 7 employees for non-destructive material testing
2000 Establishment of the Düdingen branch, non-destructive material testing. Approval by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) for non-destructive testing of aircraft parts.
1999 Introduction of the eddy current process and the technical consulting division
1997 Establishment of the Altenrhein branch, non-destructive material testing and acceptance tests
1993 Certification according to ISO 9001
1989 Transformation of the sole proprietorship into QUALITECH AG
1982 Establishment of the acceptance department. Construction of the property in Schinznach-Dorf with X-ray bunker.
1981 Creation of the first quality manual according to ASME.
1980 Foundation of the sole proprietorship Qualitech, R. Wildberger. Procurement of non-destructive testing equipment for radiographic and ultrasonic testing. SUVA approval for work with radioactive testing equipment.