Our areas of expertise

Qualitech services in foundry technology

We support you in achieving the highest quality requirements and in optimizing your castings. From traditional testing methods to the latest technology with 3D representations, we determine the results required for the efficient development of new products and for quality assurance in casting and foundry technology.

Industrial computed tomography makes the difference

By means of industrial computed tomography (iCT) one obtains knowledge about the casting which is not possible with any other test method. After only a short time, a 3D representation of the component is obtained. This can be evaluated with regard to various aspects such as total porosity, pore volume (in the entire part or in partial areas), pore size or number of pores and marked in colour in the generated 3D volume. Inclusions or cracks can also be visualized and graphically displayed. Further decisive advantages are the non-contact measurement and the execution of wall thickness analyses of internal structures.

Reproduce components without plans – industrial computed tomography makes it possible

Do you want to reproduce a component, but are not in possession of technical drawings or CAD files? Thanks to the data obtained, the parts can be reproduced with high accuracy – reverse engineering.

Non-destructive testing methods (NDT)

For quality assurance of castings, Qualitech offers the full range of non-destructive testing methods performed by our qualified testers:

Material testing from a single source

Do you want to be sure that the materials you use meet the requirements for the corresponding application? The tensile, compression and impact tests are standardized methods of destructive material testing (MTP) to determine the yield strength, tensile strength, elongation at break and toughness. The tests are often carried out on cooled and heated specimens, which provides well-founded information about the material properties in the practical environment. Qualitech has one of the few pendulum impact testers in Switzerland that is certified to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) – allowing us to perform tests to ASTM.

Metallographic investigations

The specimen preparation for the evaluation of the microstructure at the light microscope allows statements to be made about the qualitative and quantitative distribution of the casting material. Qualitech has a wide range of different methods at its disposal and can provide you with them:

  • Assistance with production problems
  • Support in material optimization
  • Support for characterization of materials
  • Support with component metallography – ambulatory metallography on site
  • Investigations in case of damage analyses

All-round measurement thanks to the latest 3D technology

The latest 3D technology for the measurement of cast components and a team of experienced application engineers guarantee the highest measuring accuracy. There are good reasons for suppliers, manufacturers and end users to use Qualitech’s services as an external measurement laboratory:

  • In case of internal capacity bottlenecks
  • If your own infrastructure does not meet the requirements
  • If neutral measurement or sampling is required