Our areas of expertise

Ultrasonic Testing Immersion technology

Ultrasonic testing using immersion technology to detect defect geometry and defect depth. The coupling medium water provides us with ideal sound transmission conditions.

Best transmission quality

Ultrasonic testing in immersion technology with a water supply section is a renowned NDT method in which a two-dimensional image of the component structure is generated and materials can thus be tested for freedom from defects. With the help of the A-scan, statements can be made about the defect geometry as well as the depth of the defect. Due to the coupling medium water as a flow path, very low as well as high test frequencies are possible. With ultrasonic immersion technology, not only wall thicknesses or surface defects can be detected very accurately, but also the geometry, e.g. of pipes. There are only a few systems of this type in Switzerland.

Testing method:

  • The water supply section provides optimum sound transmission conditions
  • Semiautomatic test sequence is predestined for series tests
  • 5-axis system enables the evaluation of complex structures
  • Evaluation of the C-image in false color by selection function with A-image display, limit values can be adjusted after testing