Our areas of expertise

Electron microprobe (EPMA/WDX)

The method allows accurate chemical analysis of all types of materials with high local resolution (1-2 microns). All elements can be analyzed including the "light" elements from atomic number 5 (e.g. O, C or N).

Analyzed in the micro range

A finely focused electron beam generates X-rays on the object under investigation. The X-ray wavelengths are characteristic for sample elements. By analyzing the X-ray radiation for wavelengths and intensities, it is possible to determine the element concentrations with high accuracy. Electron beam microanalysis is used for the quantitative elemental analysis of solids in the micro range. Qualitative and quantitative point analyses as well as concentration profiles (line scans) and surface analyses (elemental distribution images) can be performed. Depending on the element and sample, the detection limit is 10-500 mg/g (ppm).

Fields of application:

  • Chemical composition of very small samples
  • Local analysis in micrometer range (phases, inclusions, …)
  • Composition of coatings (plasma spray coatings, galvanic coatings, oxide coatings, …)
  • Trace analysis