Our areas of expertise

Bend Testing

The bend testing is a method of destructive or mechanical-technological testing (MTP). Qualitech has equipment at its disposal to carry out the necessary bending tests on castings and welded seams. This enables measurement results to be carried out with the required accuracy.

Plastic deformation

In a bending test of welds with butt joints, a specimen is plastically deformed until a certain bending angle is reached and the specific characteristics are recorded. The bending test is used to determine the deformability and possible irregularities on or near the surface of welds with butt welds and/or claddings. For this purpose, a sample taken from the weld seam is plastically deformed by bending in such a way that the weld seam connection is under tension. Weld defects (e.g. single burn notches), slag inclusions and shrinkage cavities are thus detected and a statement can be made about the weld seam quality.