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Thermal analysis (TA)

This analytical method is also a generic term for different characterization methods (DSC, TGA) in which the physical and chemical properties of a material are measured as a function of temperature and time.

Thermal analysis

TA is a suitable instrument to identify organic substances and polymer materials as well as to determine the qualitative and quantitative composition of polymer blends and compounds (including fillers and plasticizers). It can also be used for quality assurance of polymer raw materials and for monitoring the processing of polymer materials.


  • Polymers
  • Composite materials
  • Medications
  • Food
  • Petroleum
  • Inorganic and organic chemicals

With the help of thermoanalytical test methods, a number of thermophysical material properties can be determined.

  • Glass transition temperature
  • Melting temperature
  • Degree of crystallinity
  • Heat capacity
  • Decomposition behaviour
  • Viscoelastic properties of plastics