Our areas of expertise

Asbestos analysis

We check the asbestos contamination of the indoor air after an asbestos removal before the protective measures can be lifted. In addition to asbestos room air measurement, we also have modern laboratories with the necessary equipment for subsequent filter evaluation.

Protection against danger Asbestos

We carry out asbestos room air measurements and sample evaluations according to the internationally recognised standard “VDI 3492” in rooms suspected of containing asbestos and in rooms suspected of containing asbestos. Although the use of asbestos has long been prohibited, this material still threatens people’s health. It is still frequently found in buildings built before 1990. Those who inhale asbestos fibres released during conversion, maintenance and renovation work expose themselves to a risk. Our high temporal flexibility and the fast processing times for the sample evaluation prevent long waiting times (e.g. building stop).

Devices for evaluation: