Our areas of expertise

Tensile and compression testing

All our test equipment is subject to regular calibration and maintenance in accordance with the applicable standards and special customer specifications, with which we guarantee maximum accuracy.

The tensile test – pulling until it breaks

On behalf of our customers, we produce standardized tensile specimens with a defined cross-sectional area in our mechanical workshops. At low speed, the specimen is pulled without impact to material fatigue (breakage). During this process, force, measuring distance and change in length are measured and graphically recorded.

Material characteristics Tensile test:

  • Elasticity limits (reversible deformation)
  • Yield strength (beginning of irreversible plastic deformation, yield strength)
  • Constriction
  • Elongation at break (length change)
  • Tensile strength (material strength at break)

The pressure test – press until it breaks

In contrast to the tensile test, in the compression test a specimen that is up to twice as thick is also pressed until the fracture occurs or until the first cracks appear.

Material characteristics Compression test:

  • Compression (relative length change)
  • Crushing point (beginning of irreversible plastic deformation, yield point)
  • Fracture compression (permanent elongation)
  • Compressive strength (failure parameter)