Our areas of expertise

Eddy Current Testing (ET)

Our eddy current testing (ET) services are accredited and performed by Eurofins Qualitech's certified test engineers and technicians in accordance with national and international norms and standards.

The principle of eddy current testing

The eddy current test methods (ET) are applied on the basis of magnetic induction, whereby an alternating magnetic field is generated by the sensor. Eddy currents are generated in the test object (e.g. Fe, Al, Cu) which generate an electromagnetic (secondary) field. There is no need for direct contact between the sensor and the part to be tested. If defects and inhomogeneities are detected, the eddy current field changes. These changes form the basis for the defined comparison errors during evaluation. With the eddy current testing method, the smallest damage to the surface can be detected. A major advantage of this method is its high inspection speed.


The process is used both within the manufacturing process and for testing within plants on site.

  • Detection of inhomogeneities (cracks, pores)
  • Material properties of magnetically conductive components
  • Process monitoring within the manufacturing process
  • Testing in technical facilities on site
  • Control of safety-relevant and function-critical components