Our areas of expertise

Qualitech services in pipeline construction

Qualitech is an accredited testing centre and supports customers in the field of pipeline construction with a range of services that is unique in Switzerland. A team of qualified specialists is able to advise our customers holistically. Thanks to the experience and the pronounced practical relevance, pipeline construction benefits from our extensive know-how and expertise in materials, welding technology and materials testing.

Weld seam tests on pipelines

Qualitech has a number of emergency vehicles, the necessary infrastructure and personnel to meet the growing demand for digital X-ray inspection (Computer Radiography CR). On stream inspection is available to check insulated and operational pipelines for corrosion, abrasion, deposits, and wall thickness measurements. With this technology, we are able to inspect large quantities of welds in a shorter time, quickly assess them and significantly reduce costs.

Optimization of welding processes

We support our customers in pipeline construction with welding supervision personnel and our own welding engineering. These services give you the security you need to significantly reduce errors, increase the quality level of the welding work and prevent follow-up costs. Our welding engineering offers solutions for welding tasks, planning and supervision of welding procedure inspections, welding work and welding repairs, project management of complete components as well as consulting during the development and construction phase.

Welding tests

One of our strengths is the ability to carry out welding tests at short notice, flexibly and individually to meet the requirements. We are accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 17024 (SCESe 109) and certify the welders according to the following regulations: EN ISO 9606, EN ISO 14732, in addition, recognized testing laboratory according to Art. 13 of Directive 97/23/EC, and EN 15085-2. The tests can also be carried out in accordance with AD 2000 HP3 or ASME Sec. IX on request. We offer you the possibility to carry out welder tests in Mägenwil or at your premises. We are qualified for the acceptance of welders, operators and solderers of the following processes:

  • 111 (E)
  • 141 (TIG)
  • 142 (WIG without additive)
  • 131 (MIG)
  • 135/136/138 (MAG)
  • 311 (G)
  • 114 (without inert gas)
  • Soldering
  • More procedures on request

Advice on material-technical questions and corrosion

Our corrosion specialists possess a wide range of specialist knowledge from many years of industrial experience. Our core competencies include advice on material selection, the selection of protective coatings or alternative corrosion protection measures, the performance of corrosion tests, quality monitoring through application-oriented tests as well as ageing studies and corrosion risk assessment. We use the following test methods:

  • Paging tests even at elevated temperatures and pressures
  • Numerous standardized tests such as salt spray test, condensation water test, ostrich test, etc.
  • Testing of flow-induced types of corrosion, such as erosion or cavitation corrosion

We are also happy to advise you on water quality issues and not only provide analysis data, but also support our customers with problems, or as prevention on issues such as fouling, biofouling and corrosion.