Our areas of expertise

Calibration – parameter torque

Torque tools are also measuring tools and require regular checks

Torque testers tested fully automatically

With our fully automatic torque wrench testing device in Birr we achieve highly precise and reproducible calibration results. With this testing device, which is unique in Switzerland, we are able to perform SCS calibrations of all torque wrenches in the range of 2-2100 Nm according to DIN-ISO 6789-1. Additionally we calibrate between 0.05 and 2 Nm (outside the SCS range).

The calibration of torque testers now SCS-certified by means of regularly calibrated calibration weights and Norbar calibration scales. With this system torques up to 1000 Nm can be generated.


Measurable torque wrench types (CW, CCW):

  • Triggering (fixed and adjustable)
  • Indicating with pointer
  • Digsplaying digital
  • Torque screwdriver