Our areas of expertise

Radiographic Testing (RT)

In our radiographic bunker facilities or on site at our customers' premises, we offer radiographic testing (RT) in addition to fluoroscopic testing. The images are projected onto films, digital imaging plates or so-called flat panels and evaluated analogously or digitally on the computer (computer radiography). Eurofins Qualitech AG operates one of the largest and most accredited industrial computer tomographs (iCT) in Switzerland for the three-dimensional imaging of material defects at its headquarters in Mägenwil.

Error detection inside components

The error detectability on an radiographic image depends, among other things, on the material, the object density, the error volume of the absorbed radiation of the object and the resulting difference in blackening. A defect normally appears dark on the x-ray film, but a tungsten inclusion is displayed rather bright due to its high density.  Steel, cast iron and plastic are suitable materials for this imaging test method. It is used both for random sampling and for 100% inspection. Using a suitable radiator (X-ray tube or gamma radiating radionuclide, e.g. cobalt-60 , iridium-192 or selenium-75), the density of a component is imaged on an X-ray film – as a projection image of the component.

Other non-destructive testing (NDT) methods radiographic testing

Short transport distances and no long interruptions of service

Eurofins Qualitech has its own X-ray bunker facilities for radiographic testing at its 4 locations in Mägenwil, Winterthur, Altenrhein and Brügg. Short transport distances and fewer interruptions in services during radiographs at your site are two of the advantages. In addition, less personnel is required for radiography in the bunker, which makes the price attractive for you as a customer.