Our areas of expertise

Fatigue tests

Our structural mechanics testing laboratory is one of the largest of its kind in Switzerland.

Fatigue tests as support for production work

Even today, practical tests still play an important role in determining the fatigue strength of materials and components.

  • Resonance testing machines are used by us for dynamic testing of materials and components up to a test frequency of 200 Hz and maximum forces of 200 kN. Load cycles of 100 million are not uncommon in these tests. We carry out dynamic tests both on air and in liquids at high and low temperatures.
  • Servo-hydraulic testing machines are used for high-cycle (HCF) and low-cycle fatigue (LCF) tests. These tests can be performed at temperatures up to approx. 700 °C (max. force = 500 kN, max. frequency = 50 Hz).
  • Rotary bending testing machines are mainly used to determine the fatigue strength of materials (max. load = 26 Nm, 1-200 Hz).
  • A variable test field is available for setting up customer-specific test benches for larger machines and components. Special tests with multi-axial loads can be carried out here.